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Mafeah African Tablewear

Reconnect with your inner self by feeling the spirituality of the Adinkra and acknowledging the ancient Ghanaian tradition just by using our unique tableware.

Find your perfect mug match!

Clayrity Jewelry by Ann

Looking for Cultural Modern Earrings? Then you are right here. Clayrity makes Earrings out of Clay in a extra special way for every day use.

For most of us every day seems the same.
Going to work being available for everyone eating the same dishes and so on , All that makes us forget who we are.

MissToks design & style

Enter My World of Craft Designs, Inspired By Mother Africa.

MissToks is handmade by me in Hamburg Germany. Each piece of jewellery is made individually for each customer, making it unique and special…..

Afra Amba

Inspired by African culture, instinctive feminine strength and raw nature. Afra creates jewelry that fuses old world aesthetics with new world fashion.

This results in breathtakingly unique, wearable works of art. The powerful shapes encourage the owner to live fearless. At least this is Afra’s secret wish.

Afro Kickz

Afro Kickz was established in 2018 by London based artist Aida Kiraya, after watching a YouTube video of another female artist customising her sneakers.

Aida noticed that there was a gap in the market for custom sneakers that were inspired by African and Black Culture, and there for decided to create her own


Our goal is to not only sell our fashion but to represent our culture and bridge the gap between Africa and all the black people in the world. 

“Because remember we were all Africans before we became anything else.”

– Burnaboy

Aframa Sika

This shop was created in 2018 by me, Karen, because I wanted to create clothes and accessories from West African fabrics with modern cuts. I noticed that there is definitely a need for fancy, creative fashion.

Aframa Sika is the name of my great grandmother. Translated from Twi the name means “air” and “gold”. It was important for me to choose a name that reflects the brand.

Unrefined Riches

“With one product after the other, I would like to offer every woman unrestricted and effective care regardless of ethnicity and the resulting external characteristics.”

Adelaide Wolters (founder)


O-XUM MARKETPLACE is a community Plattform of Modern African Fashion, Beauty, Food and Art. We offer a carefully selected range of Handmade, Fairtrade and Sustainable products from African artisans.

We provide small local African businesses with access to the European Markets and you with the opportunity to sample some of African Finest Fashion, Beauty and Art.