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Women Health Self-Healing Ayurveda Meditation Massage Yoga

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A warm welcome,
My name is Désirée. I am a mother of three children, Doula, Ayurveda Coach and I would like to help you to regain your strength as a woman. The power that lies dormant in each one of us, that we often can no longer access or feel because of all the stress and noise around us. Especially as a mum in today’s everyday life, as a woman in today’s labour market, exposed to the constant pressure of a career, as a city dweller I know this situation all too well. Again and again in my life I came to the point where I had the feeling that everything was getting too much for me. Work, family, friends, sport and on the side you are always trying to live up to some kind of beauty ideal. You always want to be the best in everything and make sure that nothing falls by the wayside. In the end it is often ourselves who are burnt out at some point.
In the past years I have managed to build up a system by studying traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda, herbal and natural medicine and female health itself, with which I can draw from the wealth of my strength and power and replenish my own resources.
Now I invite you to share this knowledge in my women’s healing course and to create a network that we all need so much to exchange, learn from each other and grow! Where everything is right, where we can share everything!
I am glad that you have found your way here! If you are interested in the course, please make an appointment for a free meeting. I look forward to meeting you!
Are you pregnant, are you planning a pregnancy and would you like to have a natural and self-determined birth? I would be happy to accompany you on your very personal way to fulfilling this wish online or in person, during the wish for a child, the preparation for birth, the birth or in the puerperium. Feel free to contact me by phone or make an individual appointment for an initial pregnancy consultation.
Lots of light and love, your Désirée