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unSichtbar – Netzwerk für Women of Colour Magdeburg

The initiative "(in) Visible - Network for Women * of Color Magdeburg" is an open association by and for BIW * oC (Black, Indiginous and Women of Color - * including everyone who identifies as women)

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Our focus is on mutual empowerment, lived solidarity and work that is critical of racism. In 2018 we carried out the first “Black History Month” in Magdeburg. Since then we have been organizing campaigns every February to draw attention to the biographies, demands and work of black people. Our motivation: We no longer accept being made invisible! We bring the realities of life, struggles and demands of Women * of Color into the public and thus denounce racist, sexist, classical (…) power relations and structures in society. Solidarity with people who have experienced racism is important to us. Therefore, we mainly work with non-white racism and feminist groups. We are a member of the new German organizations. Our work: We create safer spaces for exchanging ideas about our own experiences of racism; regularly organize BIP * oC networking meetings and hold various events: readings, self-care workshops, film screenings, and much more. In this way we create publicity for our topics. The majority of our promotions are exclusively for BIP * oC; however, we also open some events to white people. Our offer: As trainers, we are available for empowerment workshops. Our topics: Identity negotiations, self-designation, dealing with racist, sexist (…) violence, self-care, community support, art, music, literature, exchange and networking, climate justice Our invitation: Would you like to come to the network meeting and get to know our work? You are welcome if you BIP * oC and you identify as women *. Would you like to join us? Contact us via email (preferred) or Facebook. We are always happy to meet new people.