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This is Book


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This is Book Love is an award winning collective of Educators, Artists, Musicians, Creatives, Aunties, Uncles, Parents and Grandparents working together to make multicultural matter. 

In schools, libraries, galleries, on screens and even on our high streets – the stark lack of culturally inclusive representation, is sadly too obvious. 

We at Book Love’ have made it our mission to change this AND to change the narrative and the Travelling Multicultural Book Carnival is spreading the ‘Book Love’. We have created an online shop to bring as much multicultural content and books in to one place and we have started a “GoFund Me Page”to raise funds to give FREE multicultural books to schools, colleges,  nurseries, childminders, educational settings and universities. More information can be found at the top of our homepage by clicking the link in the yellow search bar. 

BookLove is curating and showcasing and bringing together the best multicultural content the world of arts has to offer and we’re taking it on tour! Schools, Nurseries, Public and corporate spaces, Markets…you name it – we’re there! 

New and exciting childrens’ books, young adult fiction, art, stationery, fashion, toys and so much more – all with one focus – to positively portray the beautiful multicultural world around us. 

Book Love’ takes you on a journey of discovery, where those that don’t see themselves – find themselves…