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Tayo Awosusi-Onutor

singer bei Self-employed (Musician/Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist)

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TAYO is a singer, songwriter and also an author, filmmaker, political activist and mother. Above all she is active on stage. Soul, R’nB, Jazz, Gospel and Romani Musica are mainly her musical genres.

Life – Music

The Afro-Sintezza of German-Nigerian origin TAYO sings with a warm soul voice and delivers a cool mixture of soul, RnB and music of the Sinti and Roma. A rousing show with heart and soul awaits us!

Both parents of the artist have influenced her through multiple cultures and their music (Funk & Soul, West African music, Romani Musica). These influences form the musical basis for TAYO’s artistic background. TAYO’s father is the guitarist Hope Awosusi. At the age of 9 she had her first guest appearance with the Funky Breeze Band, which was the support band of the Ohio Players, and shared the stage with soul legend Chaka Khan. TAYO has worked with artists* such as Ferenc Snétberger, Mariah Carey and Sarah Connor and many more.

English, German & Romanes

The singer and songwriter knows how to interpret songs in her native languages English, German and Romanes with ease. Authenticity is guaranteed!