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Soul Sisters Berlin

Soul Sisters Berlin fosters the empowerment, celebration and decolonization of the Black consciousness in Berlin, Germany and WORLD-WIDE!

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SOUL SISTERS BERLIN is a Berlin-based collective of Black womxn, who are interested in the decolonization and empowerment of the Black female consciousness.

As Black womxn living in Berlin, we reject the myth that Europe is a “colorblind” or race-less continent. Drawing upon legacies of Black feminism around the world, we recognize the thorough impact of gendered racism, as well as other forms of oppression like homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc. on our social realities and self-understanding.

With an interest in further exploring Black feminist thought, Soul Sisters Berlin seeks to provide an online platform and physical community where Black womxn are able to critically examine and deconstruct the oppressive systems that affect our lives on personal, collective, and structural levels

(The Soul Sisters Berlin community is inclusive of womxn, trans and queer identifying black people!)