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Smart Gym Uk

Ge Gym Smart!

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We are a black owned fitness business.
We collaborate with black athletes, trainers and coaches to create top quality training plans that will get you in top shape and teach you the all important skills and exercises you need to do to get fitter and healthier and stay fit.

Within the black community fitness comes in very extreme forms. Either we see black people who are athlete level fit or the opposite.
This will partly stem from the fact that we have no middle ground representation. We haven’t got a Kayla Itsens or Joe Wicks of the black community. And most big companies do not use many black athletes and do not employ many black people.

So rather than try and replicate. We want to create.
We work with top athletes and trainers to create Interactive workout plans. That will give you all the necessary skills to get fit and stay fit. As we believe it is more important to teach a man (or woman) to fish than give them the fish.

These are progressive well mapped out plans that take you directly from A to Z.

And one single plan which is a month worth of PT sessions 3x a week is only £49. This is about £5 a session. Whereas PT in London on average is £60 a session.
With such high prices per session it limits access for many people.