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SASAA, The African Cuisine

Sasaa is a pan African inspired restaurant, which celebrates Africa, the African culture, traditions and the African people through food, art and music.

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We welcome you to SASAA, The African Cuisine

Imagine a cultural dining experience like never before. An experience, where your taste buds gets tested, and gets inspired by a world far far away from Denmark. An experience that takes you to Africa’s inspiring culture and life. A world which you get introduced to, in the heart of Copenhagen.

SASAA is more than a restaurant. It is a house of culture who gives our visitors, a cultural holistic experience of the sub-Saharan Africa, where Pan-African food, art, music and poetry, is in its center. SASAA is the first Pan-African restaurant in Denmark, and we are motivated to create a restaurant that invites you to a culinary tour of Africa, where you can enjoy dishes from the South, East and West Africa, all served at the same table.

SASA (adv.)

1 now / nowadays/ at present 
2 well/ what’s up! 
Swahili (or Kiswahili) A Bantu language and the first language af the Swahili people. Swahili is spoken in several East African countries such as: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique and The Dem acratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)