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Saliou Cissokho

Kora Player - Kora Construction - Lessons

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Saliou Cissokho was born in Zinguinchor Casamance – Senegal.He grew up in the Cissokho Jali family, where the tradition of playing the Kora is passed on from father to son.
At first he decided to study at the University of Dakar, also at the request of his mother, but the Kora tradition did not let him go.Even before his studies, he had also started to build the kora and finally Saliou Cissokho devoted himself entirely to the tradition of playing the kora and the history of the griots.
His musical path led him to Barcelona in 2006.Here Saliou Cissokho founded various music projects and played together with international musicians and artists.
All over Spain he played in countless bars, clubs and various festivals, including the Delta Sound Festival, Barnafrica Festival, Mercé Festival.
Since 2012 Saliou Cissokho lives in Hamburg and continues his musical path successfully throughout Germany and beyond the borders.
Besides his concerts Saliou Cissokho gives workshops and lectures about the Kora and the tradition of the Griots in West Africa.