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Revival London

Revival London is a sustainable fashion brand centred on female empowerment through bold and contemporary fashion pieces made entirely from reclaimed textiles. We currently specialise in denim reconstruction and are committed to reducing textile waste in the industry.

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revival is a london based sustainable luxury fashion brand centred around textile waste and innovation. our capsule collections and bespoke pieces are created using reclaimed textiles and garments which are deconstructed, modified and redesigned.

the unique concept behind revival was formed in 2016 when founder, rosette ale, was completing her final year at university studying modules around sustainability, waste and technology. her interest in these specific areas grew, along with the realisation of the tonnes of waste produced by the industry and its negative impact on the environment. rosette is a fashion enthusiast and style blogger which, combined with her environmental interests, led to the birth of revival.

our aim is to propose a new way of thinking about clothes, opening the consumer’s eyes to the potential of their unworn and (about to be) discarded garments.

revival london – giving old clothes a new lease of life.