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Renee’s Kitchen

Inspired by the bountiful flavours from the Island of Jamaica

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Established in the cold winter of 2017, anyone that knows street food will know that wasn’t a good idea. But with little experience, an idea and a buzzing ready to go attitude, Renée’s Kitchen was born.

Our mission here is simple; to get everyone to incorporate more plant based foods into their diets.

Founder Renée has long had a keen interest in street food. Before the birth of Renée’s Kitchen, you’d find her browsing local and further aside street food markets across the country. From the outside, the hustle and bustle of it all looked really amazing, and the energy from market to market always felt high – that’s what drew Renée in.

In the early days, Renée’s Kitchen would be known for flipping thick and pillowy sourdough french toast slices, serving them alongside the most decadent luxury superfood hot drinks. Things changed very quickly at Renée’s Kitchen and whilst those products were amazing, we merged into something new almost overnight.

Constantly being asked for more by customers and event organisers; who were happy with the current offerings but had a feeling Renée could deliver more,
came the birth of Renée’s Kitchen: Sweet & Fiery Caribbean Vegan Food and always providing flavour combinations without compromise.

To date, the services offered by RK include street food catering; festivals, parties, weddings, set catering and more.