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Présence Africaine

Bookstore and Publishing House

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The Publishing House

In 1949, two years after creating the magazine Présence Africaine, Alioune Diop founded the publishing house of the same name. The objective is to provide thinkers, writers and researchers from Africa and the Diaspora with a space for creation and a sounding board enabling their literary and scientific productions to be better disseminated and accessible throughout the world. The two entities, magazine and publishing house, will work in symbiosis to serve this project, supported by the association created after the 1st International Congress of Black Writers and Artists, the African Society of Culture (SAC). Renamed the Communauté Africaine de Culture (CAC), it is now chaired by Nobel Prize winner for literature, Wole Soyinka. Moreover, as early as 1956, the African Cultural Society organised the first African Book Day in Paris.
In 2019, Présence Africaine Editions celebrates its 70th anniversary: 70 years of commitment and transmission, in the respect and the lineage of the project of a visionary man: Alioune Diop.
“For the rest of us”, as Mongo Béti will one day say, “Alioune Diop will remain the one who allowed the Blacks to express themselves. Without this tool that he forged, we would have remained what we have always been: mutes.”

Presence Africaine Magazine

Alioune Diop, a young Senegalese intellectual, was preparing in 1941 what would become his life’s work: Présence Africaine. A man of culture and above all a man of dialogue, he gathered, during this period of triumph of Hitlerism, faithful friends and fellow fighters.

The Présence Africaine Bookshop

The Présence Africaine bookshop was created at the beginning of the sixties, in line with the dynamics of Alioune Diop’s work.
It offers first of all a showcase and direct access to the works published by the publishing house, but also to all publications that show the abundance of thought on the continent and in its diasporas: literature and its criticism, linguistics, history, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, theology, politics, current affairs, children’s literature, reviews, DVDs…
An active witness to history in progress and a place of memory, the Présence Africaine bookshop is a “must” for all travellers, researchers, students, readers and the curious. A true “hub” of thought, it is a place for meetings, exchanges and formal or informal debates.
In the heart of the Latin Quarter, the bookshop, now renovated, is, more than ever, the place to be to find the book, the article, the atmosphere that plunges you into the whirlwind of the incredible vitality that animates the African continent and its various diasporas.