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Papa Afrika

Cooking events / private chef / festivals Promoter of african culture #Afroclasse

My name is Christian Djapou Lewe. I was born in 1983 in Douala, the second largest city in Cameroon.   Cameroon is located in western central Africa. Both English and French are spoken here. I discovered my passion for African cuisine when I was 12 years old. Almost always, fascinated, I assisted my mother in the kitchen when she prepared food.   So you could say that I was already in training during my childhood - albeit unconsciously.   As a young man I came to Germany and learned the language in order to start studying mechanical engineering at the University of Karlsruhe, today's KIT. Since then I have worked in various companies and took German citizenship in 2017.   Job and calling are often different things and I was increasingly forced to give in to my passion for culinary culture and food. From there came Papa Africa with all its diversity. I believe that my job and calling have now become one.   For me, there is nothing better than pleasantly combining enjoyment and togetherness in a circle of satisfied people.