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Bringing Africa to You

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O-XUM MARKETPLACE is a community Plattform of Modern African Fashion, Beauty, Food and Art. We offer a carefully selected range of Handmade, Fairtrade and Sustainable products from African artisans. We provide small local African businesses with access to the European Markets and you with the opportunity to sample some of African Finest Fashion, Beauty and Art.

Nearly 80% of our products are produced by small local businesses in Africa, 20% by Africans in the Diaspora.

Beyond shopping O-XUM MARKETPLACE is about building community.

Pop-Up Events

In regular intervals O-XUM MARKETPLACE organizes events, pop-up shops and festivities to bring people together to celebrate our shared appreciation for African Fashion, Beauty, Food and Art. These events are fun and empowering and of course also offer you an opportunity to sample and buy our products.

Rebranding Africa

We dedicated to empower and educate by showcasing the creativity and innovation of African Artisans.