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One Rhythm! One Language! OneVibe!

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Today’s company One Vibe with its headquarters in Berlin-Friedrichshain/Lichtenberg was founded in May 2014 as a movement.

The Movement had the intention to connect people of different origins and art forms as a community. This happened with the first Afro Dance Flashmob Events in Berlin, which is still a part of the whole. Thus the first language of communication became dancing.

But the Movement has developed in the last years to a company that is not only dealing with dance alone, but has also gained another branch.

The main features of the company are the art studio and the agency.

These art departments include a dance studio for regular dance & sports courses as well as workshops in the field of: dance, singing and instruments. The Agency serves to place and promote various talents who are not only talented in dance, sports and music, but also Hair & Make Up Artists, Fashion Stylists etc. In addition, all sorts of packages are provided according to customer requirements.

At One Vibe, everyone from young to old is welcome, as we are one big family. However, for more active participation in projects and courses, we recommend starting at the age of 6 years, or earlier if you are clearly talented.


In One Vibe we are one big family, i.e. we help each other where necessary to make a difference in society. We believe in the common language of communication, which is love. We live a culture of valuing each other and the principle of learning and life consists of different schools of learning. Respect and peaceful coexistence are our best friends. We are constantly growing in our appointed abilities and talents. In this way, we strengthen the togetherness, self-esteem, whether it is through sport, dancing, music or even through communicative exchange with each other. We offer a platform for intercultural networking in the fields of art. True to the motto “One Rhythm, One Language, One Vibe” . Everybody should feel as a member and valuable part of the “One Vibe” family.