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Natural Cosmetics

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Let’s do something great together for your curls!

Your hair care should

of course,
without animal ingredients,
made in Germany,
100 % certified natural cosmetics and
be dermatologically tested?
Then ŌMAKA Natural Cosmetics is the right place for you. The term ŌMAKA comes from Hawaiian and means new beginning. Let’s make a new start together with high-quality, vegan natural cosmetics for curly hair.

My name is Jen Martens and I founded ŌMAKA in Schleswig-Holstein in 2019. For me, this step was also a personal new beginning, which now enables me to live my dream and to run my own natural cosmetics brand.

I would be happy to tell you how it came about: After some allergic reactions to conventional hair care products I started to deal with the ingredients of everyday cosmetics. I was shocked by the results of my research and it was soon clear to me that I wanted to switch to natural cosmetics for my curly hair. Until then, I had simply not been aware of what I was actually expecting from my natural curls with conventional products. Have you ever thought about the composition of conventional hair care products?

So I switched to natural cosmetics. It made me feel better, but despite numerous tests, I couldn’t find a product that would convince me permanently and completely. If I liked the nourishing effect, it soon wore off and I had to start looking for the holy grail again. But I didn’t find it – neither in the drugstore, nor in the health food store or the pharmacy.

Over time I developed an ever stronger desire to change this state of affairs. I wanted to establish my own natural cosmetics brand, specially designed for natural curl care.

Due to my roots in Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti region in Ghana, where I also lived for some years, I feel particularly close to nature. Here my grandmother passed on to me the old knowledge about plants, traditional recipes and the healing powers of nature. I wanted to use this valuable know-how as a basis for my cosmetics for curly hair. In addition, I dealt intensively with the special needs of different hair types, studied ingredients and acquired extensive knowledge about natural cosmetic products for curly hair.

During this time I also left my beloved hometown Hamburg to settle down in a small village in Schleswig-Holstein. Here I can be even closer to nature, here I feel completely comfortable and safe despite my love for the Hanseatic city.

It is in this environment that I dared to take the step into self-employment in 2018. After many years of research and in a place that connected me with my natural roots, I felt ready to develop my own products and offer curlers the care they need – without parabens, silicones, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances or unnecessary packaging. After a long search, I found a suitable manufacturer who could produce my vegan hair care products in the quality I wanted to offer them to my customers.

For one year friends and family tested my first products. With their valuable advice, I improved the consistency and fragrance of my curls until both my testers and I were completely convinced. Many visits to the authorities and countless inspections later, I can proudly present my own natural curly hair cosmetic brand.

Now I would like to convince you that it is worthwhile to rely on high-quality natural cosmetics for curly hair. Let us dare a new beginning together. I promise you that you will not be disappointed.