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Enrich your world with african fabric!Find nice accessories for your day. One africa - one fabric.

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About Okapii & Muriel

My name is Muriel Mbuyi, 32 years old and based in Germany. I am a mom of 2 boys and decided to start my own business in 2015.

I had a great career in the business world but needed to pursue what always made me happy: creating by using my hands and my creativity. I started sewing when I was 10 years old and since then I didn’t stop learning. My passion is to use those beautiful African fabrics that underline my Congolese origins and mix it with other fabrics to have a more modern touch. The Okapi was chosen as inspiration for the company name as it is from D.R. Congo and unique in its kind. I want to produce unique products with an African touch. Everything I sew is made with love to the motherland and with passion to couture. Enjoy a bit of Africa!