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Rolemodels, lifestyle themes, research, places to feel good, books, Magz & addresses that inspire you, strengthen you and fit your way of living ♥

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This is WHY we do this:

We (Mashanti Alina and Steph) have made the experience that real quality of life and growth are possible above all where we actively let people, experiences and thoughts into our lives that simply do us good. When we connect with them, they activate the best in us and inspire us to create something new and strengthen us so that we appreciate ourselves as we are – regardless of what others think about us or reflect on us. With MyUrbanology we want to find, share, experience and make visible exactly those places of well-being, role models, offers and Healing Mindsets that fit to our more self-determined Daily way of living.

This is HOW we do it:

With MyUrbanology we have made it our business to make the people, offers and recommendations that we find through various channels, such as social media or through direct exchange, and which we simply consider TOP, visible and tangible for other people. As two Afro-German women who spend a lot of time online, we are very happy that the presence and networking of black people and People of Color in Germany has increased noticeably and significantly for us. This has expanded our lives with additional offers, feel-good places, people and mindsets. We want to make these places, role models and offers, which are not to be found anywhere else so concentrated, visible here.