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A world that is like us - mixed.

For many years I have been looking for the right hair care products for my kind of hair – hair of a woman with a multicultural background.

Again and again I noticed one thing: to get the right thing for your hair, you have to travel abroad.

I am often asked: do you need special shampoos and conditioners for your kind of hair? Yes!! Our hair is special. It comes in so many different colours, shapes and textures, just like ourselves! We do not just have curly or frizzy hair.

And it is always overwhelming to see the wonderful variety and uniqueness. Hair is an expression of personality and I am proud to offer a platform with the community where people with a multicultural background can exchange ideas.

As a statement by Dr. Maya Soetoro-NG could not be more aptly put: “There are advantages and disadvantages to being a mulatto. Our world can be flexible, interesting, changeable and unique. Or we simply feel different, not belonging and lonely”.

mixed is more than just an online shop selling hair care products. mixed is a way of communication, a place to create inspiration, to discover the diversity and beauty that being a Mulatto brings.

I look forward to opening a world where we can share experiences, share an understanding of diversity and perhaps even help to live our own God-given complex identity.

A world that is like us – mixed.