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MDL Sports

Welcome to your Future - More than an Agency

At MDL our priority is not just your career but yourself as well. It is our dream to showcase your talent to the world. We represent each client individually and invest our very best minds and put maximum effort in every decision made on-behalf of each client. Your career success is our number one priority and vision.
We are a new modern boutique agency and we are composed entirely of people who love what they do for their family of clients. Headed by a CEO with experience of what it takes to build a solid and professional career. We are led by this example and are proud to say this is who we are and what we desire to do. 
Vigorously and earnestly, we tackle the most complex challenges and pursue your goals with creativity and determination, all inline with what serves you best. Backed with our ever growing connections and partnerships in several major cities, countries and continents all over the world we offer sophisticated representation to athletes, entertainers, businesses and individuals from coast to coast. Our agents and managers are the best in their fields, providing optimal service to our clients. We go beyond the typical agent, client relationship and our services expand beyond contract negotiations, we cover the entirety of your career and needs.