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Magda’s Food Programme

Cooking Classes

I am a trained ecotrophologist and have developed the nutrition education programme with my nutritional expertise. Within cooking courses, cooking shows and teambuilding events we impart important nutritional knowledge. Here, not only the regionality, seasonality and organic cultivation of the ingredients play an important role but also the local practicability of the dishes we prepare together. So we also concentrate on you learning as much as possible in order for you to be able to access this important knowledge on a daily basis. Popular cooking course topics are currently: vegan dishes from African countries, Mama’s East African Kitchen, The Fast Afro Fusion Kitchen, Cook and Mingle for Singles, Culinary Journey through Africa, Vegetarian Cooking Club, Vegan Cooking Club and much more.
In addition, I have made it my business to offer a special nutritional coaching, consisting of healthy cooking and nutritional courses, which are tailored to your needs. Pregnant, young mothers are equally addressed as young adults.