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La Kainfristanaise Editions

Mix the voices, Re-enchant the world

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La Kainfristanaise is a publishing house which publishes Literature in its various meanings, Human Sciences and Social Sciences.  Because the book is a united human adventure, La Kainfristanaise is a publishing house open to the world and to the world, it wants to be a melting pot of the various mixing voices to open new paths, to fertilize the meeting between the same and the 'other. Faced with declining rhetoric and various forms of withdrawal, we plead a desire to bring the world together.  The idea of ​​creating a publishing house was born at the crossroads of our passion for books and our desire to allow a plurality of expressions, a meeting of horizons.  Our deep desire is to make texts (literatures and others) available to the public that correspond to the questions that cross the world. We want books that reflect a plurality of experiences, open to all horizons. Above all, we want books which disorientate, which question and upset the reader, books which take on a journey and transfigure the self and the real.  This is why La Kainfristanaise works to:  Pursue an aesthetic concern for the book object. Give a voice to minority literatures (postcolony, suburban literature, French-speaking foreign literature).  Make accessible the literatures of the English-speaking, Portuguese-speaking and Spanish-speaking worlds. Make literature accessible to audiences far from books by developing actions in neighborhoods and rural areas