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KUWA is a Congolese cultural school for children. Its educational project aims to help children discover the Democratic Republic of Congo through its cultures and art, its history and languages, its geography, its fauna and flora.

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KUWA is an educational project initiated by DC Racin vzw which is an association under Belgian law whose dynamic aims to promote the excellence and expertise of Congolese and people of Congolese origin living in Belgium and based in Brussels.

KUWA presents itself as a cultural school whose pedagogical object is the transmission and promotion of the culture, art, history, languages, geography, fauna and flora of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mainly aimed at children of Congolese origin aged between 4 and 18 years old, KUWA raises the question of identity and proposes points of reference to Afro-Congolese youth of Congolese descent evolving in the cultural mix specific to the diasporas.

From September 2020, online Lingala courses will also be part of the programme in Kuwa!