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For curly heads and curly thoughts

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What is KrauseLocke®? KrauseLocke is an official brand associated with a multicultural and urban online magazine. The brand is aimed at people with frizzy heads and people with frizzy thoughts – the latter is something everyone has! Our motto is: no matter how different we all may be – we understand each other. In addition to articles about curls, frizzy hair and beauty, it is important to us to strengthen the self-confidence of our followers. KrauseLocke® stands up for the equality of all – regardless of hair structure, skin colour, origin or cup size. As KrauseLocke® we are underrepresented in the prevailing ideal of beauty. The reason often given is that our market is too small. For years we were therefore looking in vain for a platform where we could find advice on how to handle our hair and on our identity. In 2011 we got together and launched KrauseLocke.de! And here we are. Now we not only stand for tolerance, but also for recognition and respect of otherness – whatever that may be. Keep it curly! Esther and Barbara