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Just Africa

Contemporary fashion and design from the African continent. Ethical trade, focus on re-cycling and promoting African brands.

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African fashion and design is highly interesting and inspires creators all over the world. On the African continent, many designers work on the basis of a strong connection to culture, music and art rooted in history. Just Africa wants to give you the chance to experience African textiles, design and fashion directly from the continent, by African designers and brands. Africa is a continent with a young population. Just Africa mainly deals with suppliers who themselves create the entire chain from design to end product locally. Trading with these companies means that more of the value chain stays in the countries and that the companies are given the opportunity to work long-term. Just Africa gives Sweden positive color therapy! It is proven that colors affect us and how we feel. Our products are colorful and convey a power through patterns and expressions. Sustainable thinking is one of our cornerstones. The products you find with us are of high quality, are made of good materials and manufactured under decent working conditions, both in terms of wages and working environment. Recycling, up-cycling and seeing “rubbish” as resources is something we like extra much! The principles of Fair Trade form the basis of all our purchases. Here you can read more about the World Fair Trade Organization’s 10 principles of fair trade. our history Just Africa started in 2001 as a “Burkina Faso store” in the Old Town. Between 2010 – 2019, we have been at Slussen in Stockholm under the name Just Africa. From 1 May 2019, we have taken a break with our physical store due to the major renovation work that is underway at Slussen. But our online store lives on and we continue to develop various collaborations to promote good brands and designers from the African continent and the diaspora. An important part of Just Africa has always been to function as a meeting place for Africa in Stockholm. Under the collective name STOCKHOLM2day, we collaborate with designers and creators in the African diaspora, both in Sweden and Europe. We firmly believe that multiculturalism, unlike monoculture, makes our society richer and more fun!