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JONA stands for Join Our Natural Association and thus unites all those who are enthusiastic about natural hair and want to live a positive and self-confident way of dealing with their hair.
Behind JONA is – surprise! – is a natural hair lover myself: I am Abina, cultural anthropologist, and since 2012 I have been dealing with Natural Hair practically, theoretically and above all passionately. With my workshops and consulting services I would like to impart knowledge about the care of Afro Hair, especially to give children a positive self-image, and to give Naturals the opportunity to exchange and network with each other.
During the personal consultation I show individual hair care routines and teach different techniques such as twists, finger coils, braids etc.
The workshops are aimed at all Natural Hair lovers or soon-to-be’s – especially women, young people, as well as children and their parents.
In this sense: Join & Join Our Natural Association!