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Iniko Clothing

We’re mixing african fabrics + urban streetwear

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We’re Thabo and Paul, two Afro-Germans from Berlin in their mid 20’s. We’ve known each other for more than 12 years now and since we have very similar interest and background we’ve became close friends very quickly. We’ve always shared an interest for our African roots and culture and visited our fathers homeland several times already and even travelled through South Africa together. When he was younger Thabo visited his family in South Africa a couple of times and spent 3 month in Cape Town for an internship when he was 20. In 2017 Paul visited his family in Nigeria and got in touch with the Nigerian culture for the first time. Both Thabo and Paul were inspired and deeply impressed by the experiences they made. One thing that stuck out and fascinated the two was the African fashion styles. The African fashion was characterized by vibrant colors and patterns, allowing everybody to express themselves accordingly. The goal from now on was to combine the traditional African fashion style with urban streetwear. The more we thought about how we could do this, the more we realized that we are actually trying to express ourselves through our fashion. Our afro-german reality in Berlin is expressed through the afro-german fusion in our fashion. It was also very important for us to give you as much creative freedom as possible. The customer can choose between a variety of African prints/fabrics and decide which design they would love to have on their shirt. We want to emphasize the individuality of each and every one giving you the opportunity to express yourself through your customized Shirt from Iniko.