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House of Loulee


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Welcome to House of Loulee

I’m Lucy the founder,

It all started back in 2010 I found myself, like many juggling a 55 hour work week with two children and I was exhausted. As a new parent I had no idea how I was going to enjoy real quality time with them!

Born in South East London and of mixed ethnicity, there has always been an amazing mix of cultures inspiring and enhancing my love of fashion, fabrics and design. The year before my first child was born I was offered a place at the London School of Fashion but at the time I simply couldn’t afford to go. Looking back I can see I was already on the path to starting something special.

I was no longer enjoying my sales target driven job and began daydreaming more and more about the fun days out I could be having with my children. One evening I came home to a stack of beautiful African textiles sent from their grandmother in Nigeria and that was it, I WAS IN LOVE. 

My 7 year old niece had always moaned about the old-fashion styled dresses she was gifted so when she saw the fabrics I received she jumped right in, “auntie can you make me something cool”, to which I replied “what else are aunties for”. I must admit the first outfit was definitely unique, her eyes widened, she spoke gently, aiming not to offend, “but I said cool auntie”, we laughed hysterically.  Lets just say with everything in life practice makes perfect and two years later House of Loulee was born.

So once again welcome to my little corner on the internet where you’ll find captivating quality items for babies, children & adults, plus if you would like me to create something special for you or just need some help with ordering, please don’t hesitate to get in contact, my team and I are here to help.


Founder & Creative Designer 

House of Loulee

Fashion that lifts you