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Grace To The Humble

High Quality & UK Sourced. Supporting homeless charities through initiatives and donations

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Grace to the Humble is a quality casual wear brand with a mission to end help homelessness in the UK.

We hope to enrich lives with our designs and creations, impacting lives in the UK by:

– Responsibly sourcing our garments from British businesses

– Producing high quality fashionable wears

– Understanding the causes and landscape of homelessness in the UK and educating others

– Alleviating homelessness in the UK through spreading awareness, donations, action and initiatives

Grace to the Humble was founded in 2019. Seeing the increasing visibility of the homeless and rough sleepers on the streets of London on our daily commute and travels, we started a journey to better understand why this was happening, educate myself on how we could help, and put efforts towards helping those in need. Meanwhile my passion for design and how it applies to casual wear gave us an outlet to create, but also to contribute those in need.

We partner with local homeless charities and donate 10% of the profits of all sales.