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GOB Skincare


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GOB SkinCare was established in Denmark in 2016 by two sisters – Najad and Muna M. Ahmed. The company is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

GOB Skincare is a company inspired by raw natural skincare ingredients that women in East Africa have been using for generations. In rural areas of Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti and Ethiopia, women have amazing, flawless skin despite living in harsh and hot desert environments. Part of this is, of course, genetic – but a large part of is also due to traditional raw natural skincare treatments that they have been using for generations.

A key element of this treatment is a facial mask called Qasil that is made of from leaves from the Zizyphus Mauritanie tree also known as the Chinese Date or Indian Jujube or in Somali the Gob tree. The leaves from the Gob tree are dried and finely crushed to form a green powder, called “Qasil” in Somali. Qasil is used as a facial wash, mask or shampoo and helps to cleanse the skin without causing dryness. 
Qasil is an essential part of any Somali woman’s beauty regime. Besides being the Somali name for the Zizyphus Spina-Christi tree, the word “gob” has several other meanings for Somalis: everything that is natural, fresh, good, pure and honest is called “gob”. That’s why we believe “GOB” is the perfect name for our skincare line made from the best pure and natural ingredients.