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ADEFRA e. V. – Black women in Germany is a cultural-political forum by and for Black women
The activism of Black women in Germany is central to the existence and formation of the Black movement in Germany. This is relevant in the context of movement theories, as the role of female actors in social movements is often (in retrospect) marginalised. In the German case, Black lesbian activists of the 1980s are not only seen as the motor for the formulation of a Black feminist standpoint in Germany, but also as the impulse and structure for the emergence of an organised Black community. The production of knowledge about ‘being Black in Germany’ is strongly influenced by the visions, encounters, exchange and critical reflections of Black activists.
The Adefra generation begins in the mid-1980s. A group of Black activists is brought together through the work and stays of the Caribbean-American feminist theorist, poet and activist Audre Lorde (1934-1992) in Berlin and inspired to found the initiative Adefra – Black Women in Germany.
The historian Katharina Oguntoye is one of these initial activists. As the founder of the Adefra initiative, she pointed out the complexity of the task, even in the early days of the formation, not only of bringing together previously relatively isolated Black female subjects in Germany with their sometimes very differently developed life interests, but also of keeping them together in the long term.