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Furat Abdulle

Author. Spoken Word. Speaker. Organizer.

Eurocentrism in philosophy, the lack of imperialism criticism in British Studies or the rejection of racism criticism by teachers and students led to my search for critical content. This is how my interest in the fields of postcolonial theory, decolonialism, criticism of racism as well as intersectional approaches emerged from Black Feminist Critique. The search led to the attitude of a need for radical deconstruction of power relations in theory and practice.
In my Bachelor’s programme, I studied educational science, English and philosophy at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz to become a teacher. Currently I am studying Digital Methodology in the Humanities and Cultural Studies. In addition, I work as a student assistant at the Academy of Sciences and Literature.
In my free time I organised various events critical of the German rule between 2014-2019. As a board member of the Muslim University Group (MHG), member of the People of Color University Group (PoC), member of the Socialisitic-Democratic Students’ Association (SDS) and as an elected board member of the General Students’ Committee (AStA). Most recently, I was deputy chairman of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Rhineland-Palatinate.
In general, I work as a spoken word artist, in addition I give workshops. Criticism of norms, matter of course and anti-colonial memory politics determine my perspective. As a speaker I am invited to events to discuss fields such as anti-Muslim racism, intersectionality and questions of belonging.