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Fruits n’ Rootz

Every fruit starts at the root.

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Everything has a beginning, whether it being fruits or humans, where we come from and our foundation is important. Every fruit starts at the root. Growing up, the knowledge we learned then versus the knowledge we are aquiring now really opened our eyes on what our purpose here on earth is. Although there are many divisions, many different countries, we are all one race, THE HUMAN RACE. We tend to forget from being blinded by poor eating habits and materialistic things that we all have a higher purpose. Our team’s mission is to spread knowledge on healing and well being through the variety of Fruits n’ Rootz that we offer. We’ve learned over time the importance of what we consume, whether it be what we eat, what we hear and what we see which essentially helps us be the truest version of ourselves. When we intake high vibrational energy there is reciprocation of what we then output from our minds. We are continuously and consistently creating who we are day by day. Lets create a healthier world for us all. We strive to source and provide the highest quality fruit from all over the tropics. We as a team have come together to fulfill a number of missions, not only providing highest quality of fruit, but essentially serving those who are facing circumstantial structural violence. Our goal while getting the best quality Fruits N’ Rootz to you, is to collectively give back to our children in DR Congo, who have been subjected to poverty, because the world preys on DR Congo for its mineral wealth. By choosing to support us, you’re supporting our children in the orphanages that IheartAfrica.org supports. Purchasing a box of fruit here allows us to provide fruit for our children there. Being healthy is being happy.