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ClemyLux Hair brings you the best hair Extensions, Customized wigs and Braids at Affordable prices.

This Business was Launched by Female Entrepreneur Clemence Maniken in 2019, Clemy Lux is a fast growing Beauty Brand. After She got her degree in International Business Administration in 2018, Clemy as her friends call her decided to start her own Beauty Business to fulfill her dream of making other women feel good and confident without breaking their bank.

If you’re a professional stylist, a potential Glam Girl, or you’re thinking about getting glamorous high quality looking hair for the first time, it’s time to check out our Shop page.

Created exclusively by Clemylux, the Clemylux HD Lashes are the ultimate eyelashes perfect for enhanching your bomb look. Clemylux Lash will enhance the your own natural lashes with little maintenance for weeks.