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Michelle Bray has 13 years of experience in the implementation of diversity-sensitive projects and diversity development.

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Michelle Bray was first published in the year as “Show your color: Afro-German women on the trail of their history” was born in a small town in West Germany as a black girl with roots in Germany, Greece and North America. Questions about belonging and inclusion, as well as a Intensive preoccupation with the subject of racism played a role in her life from an early age. Her second passion is art and culture, as well as almost everything that is related to creative expression. This initially led her to the theater as part of a voluntary social year in culture and later as an assistant director at various theaters and with independent groups. During this time she began to give workshops in the field of political and cultural education. Michelle Bray completed her acting studies with a diploma in Berlin and worked as an actress and puppeteer in various theaters all over Germany. She began to deal more intensively with the topic of diversity & inclusion and to integrate diversity-sensitive approaches into her practical work. The deeper their engagement with the topics became, the greater their interest in them, as well as the need for sustainable diversity development became apparent to them. Finally, Michelle Bray took over management functions and responsibility for the diversity-sensitive implementation and diversity development for organizations and projects. During this time she rediscovered her interest in forms of expression in the visual arts and writing, which had initially faded into the background during her time at the theater. This leads her to work as an editor and illustrator. Michelle Bray has been working as a freelance diversity developer since 2021 and, through an interdisciplinary approach, brings experience from the different areas in which she has worked to this work. For her, diversity development is more than “just a job” – it bundles everything that interests and passionately drives her. An affair of the heart, as both the subjects and the people she works with are close to her heart.