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Black Pepper Magazine

Let’s add a little Spice of B L A C K P E P P E R !! Black Culture, Naturalhair, Beauty, Art, Adulthood , Food & more!

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The Mission :

We have created this international online magazine to support black artists, influencers, business-owners, great men and women. The term “BLACK PEPPER SYSTEM” was created to build up a bridge from Germany to global.

We put a big exclamation mark on portraying black people in the best way possible. With love and passion , we are reuniting and reinforcing great legacies for the next generation.

The Founders :

The married couple Jealinho M. are the founders and CEO’s of Black Pepper Magazine.

The wife is Congolese (Central Africa) and her husband is Afro-Caribbean and Brazilian.

They have once decided , in their living room in Germany, to create an online magazine to shorten the gap of support among the black community in Germany. Beyond that to give also upcoming talents and worth-mentioning life stories a platform to be noticed along with successful people worldwide.