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Binja Wohnmobile

Binja Campers

About me

It all started in 2000 with a Mercedes Benz 407 D alcove from 1975 with 60 hp and 4.5 tons. Since then I have owned many RVs, built many RVs and traveled many miles with them, through Europe and Asia. Time and again, people approached me about my motorhomes when I was traveling, with a lot of interest in the details and great enthusiasm. And again and again I heard sentences like “Hey, that’s how I would like my motorhome too!” The seed was sown and has continued to grow up to Binja Wohnmobile. What I enjoy so much, what I find so beautiful and what I am so enthusiastic about, I would like to pass on to Binja Wohnmobile engagement It is important for me to never forget that very many people in our world are not on the sunny side of life, for this reason 2% of every euro earned with Binja mobile homes goes to the aid organization Doctors Without Borders.

All Binja campers offer:

– the highest quality materials,

– a bright and pleasant atmosphere in the interior,

– well thought out down to the smallest detail,

– professional execution down to the smallest detail.

– Longevity and robustness

When upgrading, my own many years of experience in the manufacture of mobile homes and when traveling in the mobile home are incorporated. When choosing the materials for the interior construction, the floor coverings, as well as the technology and accessories, I always place the highest demands on quality, durability and, of course, the look.