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Bantu e.V.

Our mission is to take part in enabling marginalized people inside and outside of Germany (especially in the Eastern African region of the “Great Lakes”) to access resources. and to contribute to decolonization work in Germany.

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Bantu – Association for Global Education, Justice and Cooperation is an association founded in Berlin in 2019. Our vision is to create a world in which people can live a just and dignified life. According to this principle, our mission is to demand and promote sustainable development. Together we strive for an inclusive and sustainable future by recognizing and exploiting present potentials and needs of Abantu (People we work with and for). Our organisation focuses on a critical approach to political development cooperation with international partners and an awareness of neocolonial dynamics throughout this workfield. Together with our partners, we support each other in achieving our organizational goals in our respective regions of operations and implementing them in a non-hierarchical cooperation. It is important to us to empower the local people and institutions in order to overcome existing structures of injustice and power imbalances and to contribute to a self determined life by equitably mobilizing, sharing and climatically conscious use of resources.