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Diverse and personalised greeting cards. Featuring original artwork, depicting marginalised groups including those with disabilities, identifying as LGBT+ethnic minorities or problems with mental health.

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Hello, my name is Avila Chidume and I am the founder of Avila.Diana.

I created my greeting card business in 2018 with the hopes of overcoming stereotypes and changing the world’s perceptions on underrepresented communities. 

All of the designs are created by me and depict marginalised groups including those with disabilities, identifying as LGBT+, ethnic minorities or problems with mental health.

As a law student, I am a strong advocate for human rights and representation and firmly believe that positive change can only be brought about through actions and commitment. 

Currently, I mainly work alone with help from my silbings who assit me with market stalls and finances when they are available.

My ultimate goal is to spread awareness, create dialogue and encourage all businesses to reassess their diversity ethos. Additionally, I hope to create positive change through my work and to one day employ a team of artists from these marginalised groups to create artwork which shares their stories on this platform. 

Thank you for your support!