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The Association for Students of African Heritage, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Our goal is to provide a platform for students of higher education to interact on a Personal, Professional, Social and Cultural level.

GOALS To create opportunities for personal growth, career building, acquisition of essential skills and knowledge and to exercise leadership. To provide opportunities to interact and to promote peace, tolerance, understanding and mutual respect. To highlight the similarities and shared-heritage between students from the African Continent and those in the Diaspora to strengthen identity. To make the youth aware of, as well as, provide necessary information concerning the possibilities of higher education in The Netherlands or abroad. To assist International/Exchange students at the university so that they feel at home in The Netherlands and get acquainted with the Dutch culture/society. OUR CORE VALUES ASAH is committed to: Diversity. We actively promote diversity and create inclusive environments where individual identities, experiences and perspectives are honored and developed. Access. We make ASAH accessible by creating opportunities which allow students to take advantage of all that ASAH has to offer. Care. We provide activities that are educational, proactive and responsive to students’ well-being and success. Engagement. We provide a conducive environment that result in students’ personal and professional growth, social connection, cultural development and strong investment in ASAH and society.