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Silence was yesterday

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The new talk for the young woman of today

unspoken is a foreign word, #fear is our ex, #silence our greatest enemy, #SILENCE WAS YESTERDAY# our motto


No matter if it’s about drugs, early sexualisation, suicide risk, loneliness, bad boy complex, bulimia, depression, balance between job and career, prostitution, abortion, teenage mothers or the lack of education, aimlessness, complexes, competition, envy, resentment… We address all the issues that challenge the women of today.


Our team is more than just friendship! As young wives and mothers, we soon realised that many challenges are not easy to handle on the one hand, and on the other hand they always call for help from external people. We often found that most conflicts result from a lack of mentors who could have accompanied us through the hard school of life. This should be changed! regularly The talk show will be released weekly since May 2018. Enter your email address in the form below and you won’t miss a single episode and helpful goodies!