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With us you can get a variety of products that are unique. All the products you will find in our shop are made especially for us. Patterns and colours represent a contemporary interpretation of the interplay of African and European cultures.

To this end, we have tracked down artists and craftsmen in various regions of Africa who reflect the diversity of this continent in their work – and provide you with a wide selection of intercultural products with which you can set an accent at every opportunity.


“AMA Fashion” seeks and creates new creative interfaces between African and European cultures in the field of fashion and fashion. We want to offer products that pick up and connect the specifics of the different cultures and thus make a statement on global integration – without forgetting the uniqueness of the different cultures.

An important aspect of this is that we provide long-term support to the manufacturers of our intercultural products. We work in partnership with our manufacturers and provide advice, for example, to make production processes more efficient. Together we develop new products, create designs and ensure quality standards to provide you with an exclusive product that you will enjoy for a long time.


AMA Fashion wants to bring together African and Western cultures in such a way that a new fashion is created from the interaction of the cultures. We want to develop products that make use of the different characteristics of the cultures and enable our customers to experience the whole variety of global integration for themselves.

All AMA Fashion products are made by talented professionals in different African countries. Our suppliers, who design and manufacture our products, can lay the foundation for a better life through this work.


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” (Confucius).

Development aid and international support are good – but economic independence is better. We enable our producers* to develop a sustainable economic basis for their lives from their own gainful employment.

As AMA Fashion, we support our manufacturers through training, further education and orders that enable them to finance themselves and their families.


Education and training and further education help!

A Ghanaian proverb says: “If you climb well, you deserve a helping hand”:

We support talented, young and hard-working manufacturers* in rural areas of different countries in Africa, after their studies or vocational training. We also specifically look for manufacturers already on the market who are experiencing difficulties due to the effects of globalisation. Our primary goal is to open up a long-term and reliable sales market for our manufacturers. We achieve this by entering into a partnership on an equal footing with our manufacturers, thus establishing beneficial relationships for all parties involved. We support our manufacturers by providing information and training on the effective design of work processes, the development and control of quality standards and by critically reviewing designs and drafts – thus ensuring that the products survive in the face of competition.