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The online platform on African and Afro-descendant publishing and literature: interviews, reviews, news, agenda, promotion.

What is Afrolivresque?

Afrolivresque is an online magazine that aims to be a mirror of African and Afro-descendant literary creation and current affairs, while taking a critical look at Africa and its Diaspora from a literary perspective.

Many debates have taken place and continue to take place in literary circles about the very definition of African literature. At Afrolivresque, we consider that literature in general is strongly influenced by the History of the peoples to which the authors belong, influenced also by the immediate environments, shaped or suggested by the tossing and turning of the authors’ experiences in time and space. From this point of view, African and Afro-descendant literature would therefore be the whole of literary creation originating from Africa and its diaspora scattered throughout the world.

What we offer to readers

We are at the service of book lovers, and more particularly at the service of those who have a passion for African and Afro-descendant literature or who want to (re)discover it. Our contributors, who may be ordinary readers or specialists in literature, share their travels and literary favourites through reading notes in the “Books and Reviews” section.

Readers are also informed about current events in the field of books in Africa, new publications and events relating to African and Afro-descendant literature in the world. These events are listed in the “Near You” agenda and regularly updated by the editorial staff or event organisers who have the possibility to add their events with free admission.

What we offer to book professionals

As the promotion of authors is one of the driving forces behind our commitment, an “Encre & Plume” space is dedicated to them and in which their short stories, poems and other texts are published. This space, which also allows new African and Afro-descendant feathers to express themselves, has been warmly welcomed by our readers. As an example, Felix Oum’s new police series Les chroniques du commissaire Atangana, published on Fridays in the “Vendredi Polar” section, some episodes of which reach audiences of more than two thousand readers.

We give the floor to the authors and key people of the book through written interviews or videos. In early 2016, for example, we met the Cameroonian author Imbolo Mbue, who told us about her first novel Voici venir les rêveurs (Random House).

This work would not be possible without our network of collaborators and contributors. Their articles are relayed after publication to our community of readers through our main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram) and through the InfoLivresque, Afrolivresque’s newsletter.