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Afro Barber Shop One Love

Where Hair Dreams Come True

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Discover the new world of the Afro Shop in Karlsruhe! Beauty and well-being: One Love and its team live this philosophy at the Afro Shop Karlsruhe. An absolutely coherent quality, aesthetics from the outer to the inner appearance including the team is self-evident for us. Here beauty is lived. With us the customer is competently advised around the afro and mixed textured hair and can profit from our creativity and the gorgeous afro hair art, …always on the highest quality level! afro-american hair is much more sensitive as one often thinks. we attach great importance to well-groomed, healthy hair and scalp and thereby gain more flexibility and styling freedom. Our salon is located in Karlsruhe, opposite the main station. Afro Shop Karlsruhe, Afro Hair Care, Afro-American Hair, African Hairstyles, Afro Ethnic Hair, Afro Hairdresser Karlsruhe, Afro Hair, Black & White, Cornrows Hair, African Hair, Hairdressing Salon, Hair Extensions, Beauty Hairdresser Karlsruhe, Hair Weaving, Beauty Salon, Braids, Cornrows, Curly Perm, Dreadlocks, Dressing, Hairdressers, Hair Extension, Hair Extensions, Wigs, Rasta, Relaxer, Style-SetThen we are looking forward to meeting you! Your Afro Shop Karlsruhe One Love.

In our shop, only hair of selected good quality is used for extensions. We are located in the heart of Karlsruhe, only a few minutes walk from the main station.
Our extensions are applied to your own hair using a special procedure so that they hold perfectly, but still seem flexible and soft. This creates a soft, seamless connection with your own hair, without visible edges. Due to the tried and tested methodology, hair breakage is impossible. A possibly known unpleasant feeling of pressure when lying down is also excluded by this new method.
If the extensions are to be removed again later, this is done with a special spray which is gentle on the hair. The extensions can be completely removed from your own hair within a few minutes.

In our shop One Love Afro Beauty & Barber Shop in Karlsruhe we offer the following extensions:

Bonding/U-tip Extensions
Microring / Loop Extensions
Ponytail / Up-do / Side Piece
Weaves and braids can be applied as human hair, synthetic hair or from a mix of braids, depending on your preference. For the following products you can always choose between human hair and synthetic hair:
Bonding and U-tip extensions are well suited for thickening or lengthening hair. This is probably the best known and most durable extension method on the market today. The durability is about 6 months. They therefore offer a long wearing time and a wonderfully pleasant wearing comfort.
Visit us and take advantage of the free consultation of our team. We look forward to seeing you!