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Be Free. Be Empowered. the (r)evolution of banking is here

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Our mission is to provide people of African descent with simple, secure and superb banking experience that will truly empower you to achieve financial freedom. Freedom is the ultimate reason why Afridom exists.

We bridge the gap between traditional banking and decentralized finance to bring you the best of both worlds today. All your regular financial needs and more in one place – the palm of your hand. 

Your banking security is our topmost priority. That is why we’re building a tech stack with best-in-class security features on top of a blockchain infrastructure with inherent security and data privacy.

We understand that simplicity is the key to brilliance. With this and you in mind, we are designing a simply beautiful interface so that you have an easy and enjoyable user experience.

We use blockchain technology to provide you with better, faster and more reliable financial solutions that will empower you.