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African League of Coders

Platform for all African programmers and techies

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African league of coders as abbreviated ALoC is a movement of african people who are intrested with technology, programming and computers in general. This implies for those who are already good in technology (Techies) and those who are not yet competent in tech industry but with interest who are ready to bring up innovative ideas to develop themselves and Africa in general. .

The first goal of the ALoC is to level the ones with knowledge on tech issues and programming with the ones with little or no knowledge at all therefore the league won’t start until we are both in same level ground, that is, we need the ones with low level or no knowledge in computers at all to gain something first then we can start the league. .

To implement this, we invited the ones with good knowledge on Tech and programming to become mentors hence they will be mentoring the ones with no or low knowledge virtually. .

The ALoC will need the compititors to innovate great ideas on Tech using resources that are common and easily found in Africa. The one with a better idea will be awarded and sponsored by one of the large African tech company to implement the idea. .

For the ones left we will create a cloud for the ideas to help the Computer related students to fetch ideas for college projects.

So far the ALoC will be the main mentor for all. We will be providing simple and easiest ways on creating your own innovative ideas and providing sample projects for those to who will need to modify. .

Invite as many friends as you can so as to share this information.