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Aframa Sika


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This shop was created in 2018 by me, Karen, because I wanted to create clothes and accessories from West African fabrics with modern cuts. I noticed that there is definitely a need for fancy, creative fashion.

Aframa Sika is the name of my great grandmother. Translated from Twi the name means “air” and “gold”. It was important for me to choose a name that reflects the brand.

I completed my business studies in 2015 and then went into fashion. That’s why I started my blog Style Visions during my studies. I have always enjoyed fashion; for me it is an expression of my own personality.

After a few years I decided to start my own brand. I really enjoy designing and sewing clothes, because it’s just wonderful to know that in the end you really have something in your hand that can be worn.

With Aframa Sika I want to create unique, imaginative and inclusive fashion. All items on this page are handmade. Browse through the assortment and be inspired.