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Adi Amati

More love for the world - with Afrosoul! Adi Amati shows how it's done with her new Album "Wiedergeburt". The Berlin singer and rapper skilfully crosses on her second record Retro-R&B-Vocals and contemporary Afro-Beats

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For Adi, it was particularly important to produce “Original Afrobeat” – that is not only to reproduce African sounds, but also by working with the
Producers Sammyk and musicians from countries like Ghana, Angola or Senegal in the Diaspora to carry the African art completely into their music and to celebrate. All related videos were also produced with Afrosinek in
Ghana. Combined with German lyrics and her soulful voice, an Afrosoul album has been created that not only has a personal
The main reason for this is not that the music is related to African culture, but that Afrobeats are appreciated for what they are:
Music with soul. And yes, this is a real rarity on the German market in
Times in which Afro-Beats are merely sampled for the Top-Hits playlists.
An approach that is already underlined by the intro to the album: As a continuous motif here you can hear the Tama – a traditional talking drum instrument from Senegal, recorded by the rhythm artist Ndiaxo Diop. “When he he said that it was a prayer for me and for everyone. So it was clear that it must be on the album and none of its words must be shortened,” explains Adi.
For “Geschafft” she worked again with the South African singer, Letty, who
has created a real Afro-Beat anthem with her.