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ADAN e.V. / Afro Deutsches Akademiker Netzwerk e.V.

ADAN is a network of Afro-Germans, Africans and people interested in Africa, who convey a diverse picture of Africa in our society.

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The Afro German Academic Network was founded by an initiative of young, ambitious German students with African roots. Our guiding principle is to bring German-African academics and people interested in Africa together to promote mutual exchange.

In the long term, the aim is to create a network that serves as a platform for the mutual exchange of German-Africans and people interested in Africa and to develop sustainable relationships in the areas of economy, society and culture. In addition to our cultural background, we also distinguish ourselves through our broad academic expertise. From lawyers to humanities scholars and engineers, a wide academic spectrum is represented in our ranks.

Our aim is to promote business and social dialogue between companies interested in the African market or in diversity and young, qualified academics with a migration background.

In addition, the image of the committed Afro-German citizen should be more strongly conveyed to the outside world and a role model function for young Afro-Germans should be created.

The network organizes events at which decision-makers and key players from all relevant areas such as business, culture and politics come together to address relevant issues.

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We are looking exclusively for motivated students who are willing to support the projects of our
and pursue the goals of the association.