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Author: Inka Engler

Inka Engler

Im Talösch 28

Joined In Apr 2021

About Me

✿ It's not just about the routine; it's the experience and the blossoming into a new YOU ✿ As an effective skincare expert and entrepreneur, I am on a journey of helping people discover their inner and outer beauty and achieve the topmost natural skincare solutions by promoting natural cosmetics that guarantees improved performance on the body and mind. I launched the TREATS Skincare brand to focus on dark-skinned people because of their peculiar skincare needs and the shortage of Afro-German specific products. Being a strong advocate for wellness, TREATS Skincare formulations are carefully formulated with the texture and rhythm of users' skin to improve the appearance of uneven skin tones for dark skins with tight quality assurance processes, which breed consistency and expertise. With international training on natural cosmetics at the House of Hegai, Nigeria, and Austria, I am abreast of skincare treatment practice that supports skin integrity, enhances its appearance, and relieve skin conditions. The WOW is in the results. Apart from engaging emotionally with customers, I also provide the highest level of honesty, ethics, respect, and confidentiality in all my dealings, no matter what we're working on or who we're working with.


Im Talösch 28



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